Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails – Alameda

This restaurant opened in November and manage to skip many of the burps that new ones usually suffer through. The owners are incredibly visible and passionate about what they do and the food shows it.This is not a low priced place but it isn’t exorbitant either ($11-$30). You can certainly get cheaper Italian food but not at this quality. They make their own pastas and  bread; all their sauces are wonderfully complex. We have yet to get a poor meal even though some items are not our favorites.

The gnocchi is buttery, silky and melts in your mouth. Our favorite is in the tomato sauce which is used at lunch time but can be asked for at dinner as well. We have found all of their appetizers, pasta and pizza’s utterly fabulous. The pork belly doesn’t have a huge slab of fat, like it frequently does elsewhere. Their rotisserie specials have always been perfect and their oxtail ravioli is just wonderful.

The restaurant is very noisy so we’ve taken to sitting in the bar area, which is actually quieter. We will split a gnocchi which is fine for lunch. I’ve been there alone and had the carpaccio as a salad and that was a nice light, moderately price lunch. They have a TV in the bar area but it’s volume is kept low, which keeps it from being an annoyance.

Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails, 2213 S Shore Center, Alameda, CA

Q’s Halal Chicken – Alameda

On a Saturday, we stopped for lunch about 12:30. The place had three people in line and four tables of patrons (place sits roughly 8 tables inside and  6 outside).  Getting our order in at the counter took about 5 minutes. We ordered two dishes; the combination kabob plate with chicken breast and ground beef, as well as the mantu which is a steamed ground beef dumpling dish. The stream of people who followed behind us were, for the majority, take out orders.

We sat outside because the weather was nice and we aren’t fans of big screen TV’s. The kabob dish took 25 minutes to get and we almost missed it because they yell out your name but it can’t be heard outside. The mantu wasn’t ready and as it turned out, wouldn’t be done for another 12 – 15 minutes. If we had ended up waiting for it, our kabob dish would have been cold.

That aside, the chicken on the kabob plate was flavorful and moist – often other places it’s really dry. The naan was run of the mill, the rice was really tasty and the salad, crisp. The ground beef ovals were moist but not particularly flavorful. In a spiced meatball, ground beef is great but this was just small patties of ground beef, not much flavor even if it was cooked perfectly. The dish came with two sauces; a yogurt sauce and an green
sauce. The naan, the green sauce and the ground beef together made sense, becoming much tastier. With two ice teas, we commented that this was perfect for a light lunch for two, which would have been about $15.

When our mantu came, we really didn’t need it. But it was fabulous. The dumplings were beef filled, steamed wontons with a sauce that had yogurt with tomato, spices and pieces of corn. The flavorings were complex and spicy, which made us wonder again why the beef patties had been so plain. This was something we’d come back for. The prices were reasonable, would feed us both at under $20 and just perfect for a nice weather, light lunch.

Q’s Halal Chicken. 2306 Central Ave, Alameda CA


Juanita’s – Alameda

We stopped at Juanita’s during a weekday, for lunch. The place was empty, which should have been a clue of things to come but we were tired and enjoyed the quiet. We tried three items, reasonably priced and received speedy service. Well, in truth there were only three other tables for the staff to wait on but the service was quick and pleasant. We tried a shredded chicken burrito, a cheese enchilada and a chile relleno.
The salsa was fine; not too tomato-ish, which is my biggest complaint. The chicken was the worst as it tasted like it had been cooked, frozen and reheated. The aftertaste was horrible. A cheese enchilada is pretty simple but the best have flavors added by frying the tortilla before baking and including some other items, like onions in with the cheese. This enchilada had no flavor. The tortilla was limp and tasteless; the Monterrey cheese didn’t have enough flavor to carry the enchilada and that was all that was in it. The chile relleno was clearly made from a canned whole green chile, with the same mild cheese wrapped in a mushy lifeless batter. The sauces were alright but they weren’t good enough to make you overlook the other issues.

Juanita’s Restaurant, 1324 Park St, Alameda, CA

Why would anyone want this job ? I guess it’s better than Chief of Police.

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In reading the piece in the Oakland issue of San Francisco Magazine (5/28/14) on candidates for Mayor, what stood out was the complexity of the job of mayor. How many decisions need to be made – good or bad – but decisions nevertheless, and that Mayor Quan is deeply involved in governing Oakland.

The article starts out with – “The Mayor is exhausted” – true. Some other statements could use additional clarification. The way the three administrators and four police chiefs was brought up was a cheap shot, as was Occupy. Blackwell didn’t “jump ship”. He went for his dream job, and he likes Quan enough to to stay on board to help continue the negotiations for the Coliseum City project.

And, regarding the police chiefs:

AirConditioned Restaurants in the East Bay

When the weather gets hot here (more frequently now due to global warming) and you set out for your favorite restaurant, it is very disapointing to arrive and find its door propped open because it is too warm inside. We are keeping track of places we like that are air-conditioned.

The Hive2139 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland 94602
510 482 HIVE
Weekdays: 7AM-6PM
Weekends: 8AM-6PM