Regarding the Republican’s President Elect

Under our current system, it is essentially impossible for anyone to be elected as President unless he/she is put forward by either the Republican or the Democratic party. There are currently no other feasable scenarios. We should therefore not forget this and not leave off the enabling adjective Republican when mentioning the Republican’s President-Elect Donald Trump. Without the backing and agreement of the Republican party, he could not have acheived this office. Just as he constantly adds qualifiers when naming others, we should always remind everyone that he is the Republican party’s candidate and that they are responsible for him.

Dance Brigade

Gracias a la Vida” “Love in a Bitter Time

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

San Francisco January 13, 2017

Celebration and Witness

Krissy Keefer’s Dance Brigade began forty years ago as the Wallflower Order Dance Collective in 1975. The current program reflects Keefer’s continuing efforts to bring awareness, to examine, to protest and evoke audience response to women’s issues and the current political, social and environmental threats. To those ends, she has enlisted a large company, several musicians, including Holly Near, and a great technical staff.

Oakland Ballet Company – “The Nutcracker”

Oakland Ballet Company – “The Nutcracker

Paramount Theater, Oakland

December 17, 2016 1 PM

Delightful Entertainment

Once again, Graham Lustig has produced a delightful “Nutcracker” featuring Oakland’s talented children, wonderful sets and costumes and some remarkable dancing. OBC’s “Nutcracker” is not an elaborate production as one might see in NYC or San Francisco, but is it’s a joy to sense the participation and pleasure sustained by both the cast and the audience.

Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular

Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular trade show was held at the Metreon in SanFrancisco on 27 Oct. Here are some of the ‘smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, apps, headphones, wearables, home tech, games and gadgets’ that we saw.

Final Adopted Privacy Policy Ordinances and Documents

1. Requiring the creation of a FLIR Policy (thermal imaging system for OPD’s helicopter):  4-21-15 Final 85532 CMS
2. Ordinance for the creation of the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission: 13349 CMS Privacy Advisory Committee Ordinance – 1-19-16
3. Requiring a Port of Oakland DAC Policy:  3-4-14 Meeting – Brooks official – 84869 CMS (1)
4. The DAC policy: 20150521-dac_privacy_policy
5. Alameda County Stingray Policy:  DA_Stingray_Policy_Final_111715