AirConditioned Restaurants in the East Bay

When the weather gets hot here (more frequently now due to global warming) and you set out for your favorite restaurant, it is very disapointing to arrive and find its door propped open because it is too warm inside. We are keeping track of places we like that are air-conditioned.

The Hive2139 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland 94602
510 482 HIVE
Weekdays: 7AM-6PM
Weekends: 8AM-6PM

Dimond Night Out

Sponsored by the Montclair Lions Club, Tuesday June 4, 2013 saw 25 local merchants at the Fruitvale/MacArthur nexus serving samples of their wares (for eataries) or providing small goodies to the participants. A donation of $20 got you a Passport to be checked off as you visited the local merchants and sampled their wares. The evening weather was pleasant, and the Passports were sold out. Here are a few highlights.

We discovered a brand new coffee shop, HIVE on MacArthur Boulevard. The Montclair Lions Club sponsors helped out in front of our favorite Indian restaurant, Shaan Indian Cuisine. Farmer Joe’s Marketplace and La Farine Bakery. And, there was an excellent Spiderman in the Flavor Brigade.

AT&T Security is USELESS (but you knew that)

Today I got an E-mail from AT&T informing me that a password reset had been requested for my landline account. I had not done this. I tried calling the phone number shown on the E-mail for reporting unauthorized activities. But, today is Sunday, and that function is not open. SURPRISE!

So, a potential security breach on Sunday cannot be attended to until Monday because it is not possible to reach a human today.

By tomorrow, who knows how much of the system will have been compromised? Way to go, AT&T. Keep our Infrastructure safe!


Yaelisa: Flamenco in Alameda

I first saw Yaelisa at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts  in her full Flamenco regalia trailing a white dazzling train. That costume wouldn’t fit on the stage at Rhythmix, but that in no way impaired the stunning performance of Caminos Flamencos. Founded by Yaelisa, the performance on Friday night May 26th featured three dancers, a cantora and a guitarist, Jason Mguire “El Rubio”. He looks more like he should be playing for clog dancers, but has big creds with the Flamenco community.

Yaelisa has Flamenco in her bones, and when she stands, arms upraised, torso tense, the room is hushed with expectation – awaiting the explosion of the dance. She performed a number called soleares, one of the oldest styles in Flamenco, in the Cante Jondo category of song styles. The naked yearning voiced by the cantora and the interplay between dancer and accompanists ended with a standing ovation. Kina Mendez was in top form, her voice strong and piercing in ballads of what I can only imagine to be lost love and anguished yearning. Clara Rodrigues danced with youthful exuberance, her balletic training bursting out of the formal Flamenco style. Devon LaRussa charmed and seduced every male in the front row. Her footwork seemed to have a life of its own as her shoulders and torso wove sensuous magic

Yaelisa has a school – and at the end of the performance, she called upon some of her pupils to join her on stage. Six or seven came up and danced in jeans and sneakers. A charming 6 year old by the name of Sonia has already captured the finger motion and proud stance. The finale made it not just a performance but a community.

 What a treat to have this talent in our neighborhood and so good to sit in a intimate cafe-size space. The sound could have used less amplification for such a modest space. Rhythmix Cultural Works ( is a very local performance venue just over the Fruitvale bridge at 2513 Blanding Avenue in Alameda . The next Caminos Flamencos performance is on June 30th . For information on performances or the school, contact (