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Ordinances and laws relating to privacy from government actions

Machine Facial Recognition – Oh, noes! You’ve got it backwards!!

There are lots of complaints and criticism about the current state of automatic facial recognition systems which tend to focus on and highlight their limitations and inaccuracies. But, turn this around. What if Machine Facial Recognition were 100% accurate. Think…

Providence to pass wide ranging Community Safety Act ordinance

The ordinance passed its first vote, second vote scheduled for June. Summary below was copied from the Providence website [full text of the ordinance]   Key Points of the CSA Prohibition on racial profiling and other forms of profiling Police…

Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission passes Surveillance Ordinance

Tonight, the City of Oakland’s Privacy Advisory Commission unanimously passed a Surveillance Ordinance and have forwarded it to the Oakland City council for adoption. The text of the ordinance is attached (Oakland Surveillance Technology Ordinance 1-5-17 draft to post.) Some…

Final Adopted Privacy Policy Ordinances and Documents

1. Requiring the creation of a FLIR Policy (thermal imaging system for OPD’s helicopter): 4-21-15 Final 85532 CMS
2. Ordinance for the creation of the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission: 13349 CMS Privacy Advisory Committee Ordinance – 1-19-16
3. Requiring a Port of Oakland DAC Policy: 3-4-14 Meeting – Brooks official – 84869 CMS (1)
4. The DAC policy: 20150521-dac_privacy_policy
5. Alameda County Stingray Policy: DA_Stingray_Policy_Final_111715