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Ordinances and laws relating to privacy from government actions

Alonzo King YBCA 10.6.19

Alonzo King Lines Ballet Sunday, October 6, 2019 6 PM YBCA, San Francisco Choreography in Question Alonzo King’s work has been celebrated in the SF Bay Area for three decades. He produces concerts every year, is known on tour, has…

Final Adopted Privacy Policy Ordinances and Documents

1. Requiring the creation of a FLIR Policy (thermal imaging system for OPD’s helicopter): 4-21-15 Final 85532 CMS
2. Ordinance for the creation of the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission: 13349 CMS Privacy Advisory Committee Ordinance – 1-19-16
3. Requiring a Port of Oakland DAC Policy: 3-4-14 Meeting – Brooks official – 84869 CMS (1)
4. The DAC policy: 20150521-dac_privacy_policy
5. Alameda County Stingray Policy: DA_Stingray_Policy_Final_111715