A complaint about the Natnl. Ballet of Canada’s “Nijinsky”

We saw this performed at the SF Opera House on Friday April 6th. The performance has been reviewed elsewhere, but as a mere member of the audience, I found that there was something very annoying about the evening. The ballet presents some parts of Nijinsky’s life and his fantasy rememberences of his performances. I just couldn’t tell what was going on! There were dancers representing his wife, sister, mother, father. Nowhere in the notes could they be bothered to indicate something like, “his sister, in a red dress” (or was that his wife in the red dress?). How am I to know. Giving me the name of the ballerina doesn’t help – I do not know the Canadian company, and even if it were the SF company, from where I sat I could hardly identify the person well enough to be sure who it was, to correlate with the program. Come on, is it ‘cheating’ to really tell us who is who?

A note on the ballet itself – it seemed strange that when various roles were being depicted, the music relentlessly stayed in Scheherzade. Didn’t quite go with the faune nor with “Le Spectre de la Rose”