Sean Dorsey Dance “Boys in Trouble”

“Boys in Trouble”
Sean Dorsey Dance
April 19-23, 2018
Z Space, SF

Talk about Us: Then Dance

Sean Dorsey has a lot to say. As a trans-gender, queer choreographer he has created wonderful events for himself and his dancers (Brian Fisher, Arvéjon Jones, Nol Simonse, Will Willard), which he will now take on a 2 year, 20 city tour, including a stop at the Joyce Theater (NYC). Dorsey is the founder and artistic director of Fresh Meat Productions.

When he and the company are not telling their stories, illustrating personal incidents and lecturing on beliefs, they dance marvelously. But dance becomes talk and talk dissolves into dance episodes. The Izzy awarded duet with Arvéjon Jones and Will Willard grabs attention and admiration since they just dance. The dance speaks of their affection and skill. Also, Nol Simonse’s foray into toe shoes, wearing a purple dress in “The Story of My Body” also says it beautifully. The issues masculinity, femininity, whiteness, blackness, and personal pride are all explored: the dances illustrate and express the complexity of the issues.

Dorsey is able to go from talk to dance. When the dance sections are achieved, the lighting (often a long upstage-downstage diagonal) the strength, lyrical skill, body shapes and stage spaces illustrate the group’s wonderful ability. Music by Dr. Alex Kelly, Jesse Olsen Bay, Ben Kessler, Grey Reverend and Anomie Belle underscore and support all the performances.There is humor, satire, sadness and messages delivered, but best of all, Sean Dorsey and the “Boys in Trouble” deliver beautiful dance.

Joanna G. Harris

Sean Dorsey “Boys in Trouble”