ODC Summer Sampler

ODC dance presents Summer Sampler
July 27, 2018 ODC Theater SF

Dancing 10 Choreography ?

The dancers of the ODC company are brilliant. They execute the various movements with great skill, rhythmic accuracy and amazing contact with one another. They jump (sometimes caught upside down), they are carried, thrown, fall, roll, walk, leap and run and perform all the extensions and dance shapes required. The number of these events proliferate until sometimes, often one cannot see the dance from the dancing. It seems to be today’s style.

Dead Reckoning” (2015 ) by choreographer KT Nelson to an exiting score by Joan Jeanrenaud uses all the techniques described above, Nelson’s intention is to demonstrate “the powerful forces and formations of nature…” (program quote). The dancers surely demonstrate the forces with their quick energy and constant changes of shape, design and contact. “Lime green snow” falls (actually they were small pieces of yellow paper)..”we radically transform our world.” The intention is splendid, but difficult to contain since there is so much to absorb.

Triangulating Euclid” suffers from some of the same profusions. Inspired by an edition of Euclid’s “Elements of Geometry, ” the observer could anticipate some delight in spacial patterns so delineated. Yes, someone draws them with chalk on the stage, but the actual designs in space do not amplify them. Instead, we see a similar exhibition of activities seen before. There is a quiet interlude to Schubert music danced, I believe, by Jeremy Smith (who is leaving the company). It was a beautiful respite from the hyperactivity. This reviewer finds she, and others, require more focus, more “through-line” to choreography if intentions are to be truly realized. Breda Way, KT Nelson and Kate We are collaborated on “Triangulating Euclid.”

The dancers are Jeremy Smith, Natasha Adorelee Johnson, Brandon Freeman, Jeremy Bannon-Neches, Tegan Schwab, Daniel Santos, Rachel Furst, Leni Yamanaka, James Gilmer, Mia J. Chong. Bravo all.

Joanna G. Harris