Standing Still: Joe Goode

Joe Goode Performance Group
Standing Still”
Haas-Lilienthal House, San Francisco
July 29, 2018 5:30 PM

Standing Still and Moving

Joe Goode has been bringing his message of “re-inventing the self” to San Francisco audiences for some time, at least since 1979 when he came to SF to join the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. In 2011 he opened the Joe Goode Annex where many artists like himself present new, unusual and compelling work. “Standing Still” honors the house on Franklin Street, home to an immigrant, pioneering family and his own work.

It is a wonderful adventure to more through the various spaces of the old house, watching unusual events in each place, wearing a mask (each visitor gets one), playing with pots and spoons in the kitchen watching dancers in hallways, on outdoor stairs and occupying the environment with song, story and interludes featuring Joe himself.

I enjoyed it all, particularly the four dancers in the main hall who came in and out of the rooms behind, moving in both playful and serious manners, celebrating their being. In fact, the entire event, dance and song, challenged audiences to invent, restore and celebrate their abilities. Joe has given that challenge to his company and they fulfill it.

The performers are fifteen in number, many are members of JGPG company. See the list at

Still Standing features original music by musician/composer Ben Juodvalkis, in addition to Bay Area singer-songwriters and musicians, Tassiana Willis, Lila Blue and Shawna Virago. There are performances at the Haas-Lilienthal House until August 5. It is a very special event especially for these trying times. Go.

Joanna G. Harris