Cid Pearlman

“The All Joan Show”
Cid Pearlman Performance
September 21, 22, 2018
Joe Goode Performance Annex, SF

Music, Dance and Imagery

Cid Pearlman and her dancers have built a challenging evening of works in collaboration with the composer/cellist Joan Jeanrenaud and the poet/dramatist Denise Leto. Pearlman offered four compositions which were all reconstructions from past performances, albeit this time with new and other performers.

Strange Toys” (2004) is a duet, this time for Collette Kollewe and Lyndia McGauhey. Both women are elegant dancers and work together to create a comfortable collage of movement that includes much contact, balance, locomotion and falls. Jeanrenaud’s music carries them through with easy coordination.

The major work of the evening was “Your Body is Not a Shark” (2013). Noting that each of the collaborators is disabled, Pearlman’s note says: “Shark calls into question conventional notions of virtuosic embodiment in a world that discounts difference.” The seven dancers assume various groupings, supporting, extending and playing with skills unique to each. One of the group is clearly pregnant. She is well supported. “Your Body is Not a Shark” is a delightful exploration of physical shapes and skills.

Molly Katzman (left) Damara Vita Ganley, Rainbeau Pictures © 2012

Small Variations” (2006) is an exploration of physical contact among four dancers; Lisa Brenner, Julia Daniel, Collette Kollewe and Lyndia McGauhey. McGauhey, who had a solo variation, has a dynamic fluency that is most attractive. The dynamics of contact, support, balance and intimacy in this work demanded slow tempi and time for transitions that stretched the timing. Shorter sections might speed things up. Nevertheless it was a extensive experience in dance skills and relationships.

Besides the four listed above the other dancers are: Julia Daniel, David King, Cynthia Strauss, Katie Trigg. With them and her collaborators, Pearlman has reconstructed three fascinating studies.

Joanna G. Harris