1400 Bar and Grill – Alameda

We’ve eaten at 1400 since they opened and have witnessed it’s growing pains in service and food consistency. At this time, although their table wait staff changes frequently, the overall service is attentive. The food is pretty consistent now, although on a few dishes it is clear when a different kitchen staff is handling the prep. Not all menu items would be things we could recommend but all are reasonably priced, with good portions. Their weekend brunch is also well done (with endless mimosas) and as a result, can be really crowded.

Their Ruben sandwich, in our view, is the absolute best. But you may need to ask that they go light on the sauce because this is the part that seems to change, depending on who is in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s right on the spot, sometimes it’s really laid on thick. Their lamb shank is perfect; flavorful, tender and nestled on top of mashed potatoes, it absolutely embodies comfort food. Their Greek Chicken is also done well, with a subtle touch on the herbs and spices. Their fried fish is great both crisp without being greasy and in nice portions. The clam chowder is fabulous; it doesn’t scrimp on the clams or over power with potatoes and has a smokey bacon that really finishes it. The poblano burger is also great; moist and tasty. Their sliders are also very good and make for a perfect light lunch. Split, along with a salad, it’s perfect for us both. They also offer to throw in an extra one to make the three slider dish into a four slider for two people

The Irish stew, although tasty, is not Irish stew. It has a creamy tomato base, instead of the rich tones of a beef sauce which makes Irish stews. The pasta bolognese is also tasty but not pasta bolognese. It has spices and flavorings not at all connected to a true bolognese. This makes us wonder if they have ever eaten either dish done authentically or if they couldn’t come up with a better name. The dishes are nice but totally not represented by name. Their meatballs are great but the sauce is weak in comparison, which is a shame. The meatloaf is made from the same mix and is great but the sandwich is overpowered by a huge pile of crisp fried string onions. Maybe the kitchen thinks it makes for a showier presentation but you can scrape it off or you can ask for it without the onion in order to actually taste the meatloaf, which is really very good.

Their prices are really reasonable, they have a good drink selection and the two owners are very personable, attending quickly to your requests. The weekends and game times make this place too crowded. Weekday lunches are relatively quiet and it also has a good sized outside eating area, which is a nice alternative.

1400 Bar & Grill, 1400 Webster St, Alameda, CA