Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails – Alameda

This restaurant opened in November and manage to skip many of the burps that new ones usually suffer through. The owners are incredibly visible and passionate about what they do and the food shows it.This is not a low priced place but it isn’t exorbitant either ($11-$30). You can certainly get cheaper Italian food but not at this quality. They make their own pastas and  bread; all their sauces are wonderfully complex. We have yet to get a poor meal even though some items are not our favorites.

The gnocchi is buttery, silky and melts in your mouth. Our favorite is in the tomato sauce which is used at lunch time but can be asked for at dinner as well. We have found all of their appetizers, pasta and pizza’s utterly fabulous. The pork belly doesn’t have a huge slab of fat, like it frequently does elsewhere. Their rotisserie specials have always been perfect and their oxtail ravioli is just wonderful.

The restaurant is very noisy so we’ve taken to sitting in the bar area, which is actually quieter. We will split a gnocchi which is fine for lunch. I’ve been there alone and had the carpaccio as a salad and that was a nice light, moderately price lunch. They have a TV in the bar area but it’s volume is kept low, which keeps it from being an annoyance.

Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails, 2213 S Shore Center, Alameda, CA