Burmese Grocery Cafe in Oakland


Write down the address: 2248 10th Avenue (at the corner of 23rd Street, not far from Park Street in Oakland) – because searching for Grocery Cafe on the internet gets you thousands of grocery stores first. Tucked into this totally residential neighborhood is a brigt, pleasant cafe. I usually associate Burmese cuisine as not-quite Chinese – but this place is diferent.

We had and enjoyed the Burmese Tea Leaf Salad – pickled tea leaves on a bed of cabbage with nuts and seeds and a light dressing; the coconut chicken noodle soup and the mango chutney pork. All the dishes were very carefully prepared and quite ample; the prices are reasonable – all dishes are $9. Well worth the adventure of finding this place.

Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM and 5-7PM. 510-328-1548