New Work by the In Step Dance Theatre

The In Step Dance Theatre had a performance of their latest work on May 3, 2015.

Joy Newhart, the artistic director with a MFA from Mills has choreographed a piece on two dancers – Laura Alvarellos, trained in Spain and Sierra Kellog, schooled in California.

When asked to describe how they felt about the dance and what it meant to them, they came up with “Run, Search, Try, Live, Balance, Shift.” – it pretty much tells it all.

Their dance-running, so different from racing, generated internal energy that exploded out of their bodies lifting them skyward or crumpling them onto the floor. Feet stamp – claiming location, hands reach out – searching. When the bodies connect – the movement is tender and sensuous, both bodies – one blond, one raven haired become like two sides of a coin. Music selections were from Yann Tiersen.

It is a privilege to be at a performance where the collaboration between choreographer and the dancers is so fresh and immediate.

ISD is founded as a collaborative of performing and visual artists exploring ways to integrate various artistic disciplines to create unique forms of performance. This is just the latest one. For more information, check out In Step Dance Theatre.